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Work Life Balance?

Work Life Balance?

A current popular trend refers to reaching a balance between life and work. Most agree on the need for the balance. However, there are too many difference on what work-life balance means to reach a consensus on how to achieve it.

In one hand, work is part of life, so I am not sure the term “work-life” is the most appropriate one. That said, I will refer to Tony Robbins’ definition of the “6 Core Human Needs” (full article at http://www.habitsforwellbeing.com/6-core-human-needs-by-anthony-robbins/), where he talks about the need of each one of us to have a certain level of certainty and variety, significance and love & connection, and growth and contribution in our life. Most of what we do in life is about meeting all these needs and maintaining the balance within each pair.

Each one of us requires a unique balance within each pair of the six core needs and when we have that balance, we feel fulfilled and happy. Some people needs lots of variety, while others want more certainty. Same thing applies to the other two pairs.

Back to the balanced life, while some people will need more of the variety and challenges found at work, others will need and want more of the safety, security and certainty they get at home with their families. While some will want more of the feeling of significance and importance, others will want more the love and connection with other people.

In addition, there are resourceful and un-resourceful ways to meet each one of these needs and therefore an overall balanced life.

A resourceful way to gain more certainty could be watching a movie you have already watched, or staying home and do nothing. An un-resourceful way would be to procrastinate, which will give us a certainty of what will take place, although not addressing the challenge at hand.

A resourceful way to gain more variety could be going to a sport game, as the winner and how the game will develop is unknown, or going parachuting from an airplane that creates excitement. While an un-resourceful approach would be to self-sabotage to create an unknown outcome.

So, for some more work is achieving a balanced life, while for others is less. The variations are endless.

An effective approach to achieve a balanced life is to understand what are the levels we need for each of our six core human needs and then find activities in our life (work, recreation, etc.) that will help us meet each one of them with the right balance. Sometimes we will have too much variety and then we will need safer, more comfortable activities. Or maybe the other way around. Each one of us must work it out.

Which of your 6 core human needs are the main drivers and how well balanced are they?

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