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Wednesday 31 May 2017
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Thursday 01 June 2017
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Where are the opportunities?

Seeing the possibilities or value opportunity and creating your dream, like looking at a rock or coal and interpreting it as a precious diamond.

Many people often ask where to find opportunities and when I point at some I get responses like “too much work”, “no worth it” and so on.

The thing is, opportunities are about something that is raw and requires lots a work to develop into something great. If you can’t see the possibilities the opportunity has, then opportunities will always be out of reach.

Opportunities are for those who are willing to dream, to see possibilities, to make it work and transform the opportunity into their dream. Opportunity is all about making all problems, barriers and obstacles a challenge to deal with and then conquer the challenge.

In short, you will find the opportunities you are willing to work for.

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