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Monday 09 May 2016
Wednesday 31 August 2016
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Dare to dream?

Dream and create your purpose in life.

How beautiful it is to dream like a child, where there is no limitations. As we grow, we are taught to “be real”, which actually means to stop dreaming.

The sad reality is that most people in today’s society no longer have dreams and no longer know how to dream. The consequences of not having dreams are that we lose our curiosity, our drive to explore, to try new approaches, new solutions…

One common issue many of my clients have mentioned is that they do not know their purpose in life. They have realised that what they have been doing is not what they want and they don’t know what to do next.

In principle, this is easy to address by working on their life vision, values and mission. What I have found interesting in this process is that they forgot how to dream, how to reach out for new possibilities and opportunities, to be curious. In short, our dreams provide us with a vision to where we want to be in life, they provide us with a purpose in life. The best part of this is that once we have a purpose, a well defined purpose, all obstacles seem to disappear. Think about it.

I wonder, do you have dreams? … Furthermore:

  • Do you think we should keep going in dreaming for a new and better life?
  • Are you coming up with new dreams as you go through your life?
  • More importantly: Do you know how to dream?

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