OR vs AND: Which is a better approach?

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Wednesday 24 May 2017
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OR vs AND: Which is a better approach?

When we travel overseas, we often use a mix of transportation mediums (plane, busses, cars, etc). That provides us with the best and most effective way to achieve all we want in that particular trip.

When working how to do things in business, we often get involved in an argument or discussion around this idea or that idea, this approach vs that approach and so on. Often both ideas, approaches or whatever are good by their own merits.

How is it then, that we use the “this OR that” to choose only one? Wouldn’t it be better and more effective if we were to go with “this AND that”, maybe taking the best of all ideas and approaches and come up with the ideal outcome?

Keep this in mind when deciding between more than one idea or more than one approach:

  1. Is this about deciding how to reach the best outcome or which idea/approach is the best?
  2. Is this about choosing who will get the credit or is it about how to best do something?
  3. When more than one idea/approach is available, how about using all of them instead of one? Or any combination?

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