What type of day is it for you today?

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Saturday 22 April 2017
Monday 24 April 2017
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What type of day is it for you today?

There is common expression along the lines “Oh no, today is Monday. I can’t stand Mondays” or other similar comments relating to the weather (cold, hot, wet, dry, etc).

Monday, Tuesday, … Friday, Saturday, … ALL are just a label. A label we put as a reference in time. The reality is that the days are the days, regardless of the label we put to them. There is no “bad” or “good” Mondays. It is just the way we choose to live them.

So, how do you choose to live each day? Based on the label of the day? Based on the weather? Based on what someone else says? … Or based on what YOU want it to be?

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