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Tuesday 06 June 2017
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Training vs Culture of Learning

I am improving each day and I learn from all my experiences.

We all know how important is for business and for each one of us to have a culture of continuous professional development. Many businesses encourage it and it also helps them to retain valuable employees.

What businesses and people could do to improve the effectiveness of continues professional development is by taking it to the next level: A culture of continuous learning.

Continuous learning is about professional development plus:

  • Learning from the mistakes done and improve the system to avoid repeating the mistakes. While we can’t avoid making mistake, we can learn from them.
  • Embracing change and innovation to adapt to the ever-changing market conditions instead of avoiding the change and being scare of the associated risks.
  • Improving how we communicate with each other. Each employee will communicate and behave in a unique way. This is more about how to best use all these differences instead of “standardising” them. If we all behave the same, the innovation would disappear.
  • Learning to learn that taking risk is rewarded, while harassment is rejected and disapproved.

And much more. In short, a Culture of Learning is about a growth mindset, where opportunities and possibilities are welcome instead of being afraid of.

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