How suitable to me is my thinking style?

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Thursday 06 July 2017
Self-Imposed Limits?
Friday 07 July 2017
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How suitable to me is my thinking style?

I wonder how much more I could do if I could think like a homo sapiens?

We currently have the mean to assess the level of education, knowledge and problem solving skills. We also heavily use these means when hiring someone or looking for work, among other uses.

However, very little focus is put on the drivers behind on the how we use the education, knowledge and how we approach problem solving, “thinking style” is I may.

Imagine how much more we could do if we understood and gaged our own thinking style, see where we are and how we can improve it to excel at what we want to achieve, just the same way we can understand and assess our qualifications to do something, like being an accountant. I wonder…

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