Steps for a successful marketing strategies

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Monday 24 July 2017
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Steps for a successful marketing strategies

The core of a successful marketing strategy:

  1. Research, research, research: Great ideas and instincts can be good. Research allows the business to validate if your great ideas will fill a “want” or a “need” in the market and will provide with the insights on how to best meet your clients wants and needs and what marketing medium is more effective to reach them.
  2. Know your clients better than they know themselves: What they want, what they need, where they like to go, what they like to read, what they like to listen, where they live, where they work, what they look like, … The more you know about their demographics, the better.
  3. Be clear on the results you want from the strategy: Increase sales? Market penetration? New clients? More returning client? How are you going to measure the increase? What other KPIs will you use to understand how the strategy is working? How often will you check the progress of the strategy? Define clear goals for each campaign. What is your budget? What your ROI (Return On Investment) will be? How long will it take to reach your ROI?
  4. Be consistent and true to your brand: Your brand is the identity of your business and how your clients know you. They have expectations based on your brand, so validate that your strategy is consistent with your brand.
  5. Be ready! Be ready to adjust the strategy as market conditions changes and as you get feedback on the strategy performance (remember this is all about what the clients wants). Measure everything, analyse how it progresses, adjust as needed and go back to step 1. Flexibility and adaptability are the key.

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