Ideal Thinking Core Services

Ideal Thinking services focus on business coaching and personal coaching, which uses a variety of methodologies, behavioural and thinking models according to each client’s particular requirements and needs.

In addition, we also have two profiling tools to complement our services: Meta Dynamics™ and the Extended DISC® System. These two profiling tools assess the thinking style, behavioural and communication preferences.

Your thinking style

Business Coaching

In the business world, the shocking reality is that only 20% of the new start-ups are in business after the first 12 months and at the end of five years, only 4% are still in business.

In all cases, they had a dream and put all they could, and more, into making that business successful. Will, determination and good intentions were always there. Still, why did they not succeed? Find out more…

Personal Coaching

Your thinking style, your attitude toward business, career and life do have a direct impact toward how you achieve your successes. What can you do to make your success easier to achieve? Find out more…

Meta Dynamics™

Profiling Tool measures 16 dimensions and provides you an exclusive window into your potential. Find your thinking strengths and how to align them to your life goals and business objectives. Find out more…

Extended DISC® System

Versatile, user friendly psychometric tools empowering you and your business to get the best from people, improve performance and your bottom line. Find out more…


My satisfaction guarantee

If for any reason, you decide during or immediately after our first session that the coaching is not for you, it’s all good! I will gladly issue you a full refund for the complete package, including the session you experienced.

Priority email support

Whether you have a burning question between sessions or just want to update me on your progress, you’ll have priority email access as long as we’re working together. I’m here to help!

You call me

We know when we’ve booked our sessions, so just call me when you’re ready during that hour and we’ll get to it.

Session recordings

Clients love receiving the recordings of the coaching as a way to check in with what they’re discovering about themselves. You’ll love being able to refer back to them, even if it’s just to see your progress!

I am truly looking forward to helping you breakthrough to a new level of personal or professional success. Just imagine yourself in a few short months, looking back on this moment and knowing it’s one of the wisest and most rewarding decisions you have ever made.

Now it’s time to get started

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