Ultimate Influence

The 7-Part Ultimate Influence Program includes:

  1. Module 1: Your Fast Start Guide And Introduction
  2. Module 2: Setting Yourself Up For Success
  3. Module 3: Connecting With Your Buyer
  4. Module 4: Mastering The Psychology Of Buying
  5. Module 5: Getting To ‘Yes’ With Persuasive Language
  6. Module 6: Creating An Unforgettable Experience
  7. Module 7: Your Ultimate Influence Framework
  8. And there’s more… Bonuses and exclusive interviews


This is ideal for marketers who generate leads and want higher conversions through their sales team. The leads are there, but you’re not converting them, or you are at low price points (I call low price points anything below $3,000).


  • Become a master closer
  • Use objections to encourage the ‘Yes’
  • Have the prospect make a buying decision, so you don’t have to ‘sell’
  • Boost your results through making the prospect feel great about connecting with you and want to work with you

The Complete Package of Vital Sales Strategies

  • Goal Setting for the $1,000,000 Year (in commissions)
  • How to Dominate in Your Market so the Competition Follows YOU
  • 13 Crucial Attributes of the High Performers in Sales
  • Ultimate Influence Eight Step Sales Conversion Methodology
  • Five Dimensions of Huma Behaviour
  • Meta Dynamics™ Critical Approach for High End Sales
  • What Your Prospects Fear and How to Overcome Those Fears
  • The Ultimate 100 Persuasive Language Patterns
  • Four Psychological Triggers You Need to Fire for the Sale
  • 15 Sales ‘Killing’ Words and What to Say Instead
  • Overcoming the Top Five Objections Every Prospect Has

“A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position.”

John Maxwell

“A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.


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