Disruptive Leadership

The 7-Part Disruptive Leadership Program includes:

  1. Introduction to Meta Dynamics™ in Leadership
  2. ESIP – Understand the Environment of Results
  3. ESIP – Building Replicable Structure
  4. ESIP – Implementing Models that Perform
  5. ESIP – Helping Great People Achieve Results
  6. How to Perform Manage for Success
  7. How to Create Change & Bring People with You


The perfect tool for entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders in any community. Learn the secrets to creating an environment where people flourish and incredible results are commonplace. Great people need great leadership no matter the challenge.


  • Create a culture of high performance
  • Provide a structure of excellence that doesn’t choke innovation, but encourages it
  • Maintain standards that don’t turn into bureaucracy
  • Develop people beyond their jobs and their careers… develop their leadership potential
  • Utilise the Benchmark Model for disruptive leadership so that innovation is supported and encouraged
  • Provide the culture needed to win business and attract the best clients

Leadership is MANY things, but it all comes down to one thing – you’re there to help your team to think in a way that –

  • Seeks to challenge their own beliefs and attitudes about what’s possible
  • Allows them to own their role
  • Boosts their personal performance
  • Gives them more job satisfaction
  • Encourages them to contribute to the improvements and innovations in the organization
  • Guides them in how to solve problems in a way that demonstrates good judgement and thought for consequences
  • Allows them to think of others and the impact decisions have on them
  • Helps them become the human being they want to be

This form of high-impact leadership encourages innovative thinking and empowers the team to ‘own’ not just their own performance but the outcomes for the entire team. And it sees them as more than just people doing their job.

It’s time leaders learned how to improve people’s ability to think. Many team members are highly capable individuals who will thrive on this approach. They want to work smarter, they want to be smarter, they want to succeed, they want to thrive.

They want to feel genuinely fulfilled by what they do because it counts, has meaning and has contributed beyond themselves.

  • A good day is not ‘getting through the day’.
  • A good day is not ‘it can only get better’.
  • A good day is one where the team member knows that what they did made a difference and they were capable under pressure of finding a way.

Give your team that, and you will be amazed at what’s possible.

“A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position.”

John Maxwell

“A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.


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