Procrastinating? Self-sabotaging?

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Thursday 08 October 2015
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Friday 09 October 2015
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Procrastinating? Self-sabotaging?

Procrastination! Something we often do, especially when we don’t like what we need to do.

Then again, procrastination is also triggered when someone is overwhelm with too many uncertain things happening in her/his life. In other words, too much variety.

Everyone has six core needs in three pairs, where certainty and un-certainty are one pair. Each individual has his/her own balance of the two and this balance is not necessarily the same for everyone.

If an individual has too much uncertainty (or variety), he/she will tend to procrastinate because it will provide him/her with some certainty (even though it will be a bad outcome). On the other hand, if there is too much certainty, then the individual will become bored and will tend to self-sabotage in order to create trouble (uncertainty and variety).

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