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Tuesday 09 May 2017
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Wednesday 10 May 2017
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Overnight success?

Many people tend to think that successful people got lucky and became successful overnight. What is often lost is the fact that this “success overnight” is just the tip of the iceberg (only 10% of all the work).

Below the surface (90% of the effort), the overnight success, there are lots of challenges, hard work, persistence despite the challenges, grit, focus to achieve the goal and the drive to make it happen. In the process, there is also a lot of a growth mindset, where challenges are opportunities, failures are learning lessons on how to make it work better, understanding that we will stumble and fall to then get up and try again until we get it… Etc.

What are you working on? Problems or solutions? Where is your focus? Problems or solutions?

Focusing and working on solutions is a more productive approach…

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