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Tuesday 18 April 2017
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Wednesday 19 April 2017
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It is funny how sometimes when working out ideas (for whichever reason), businesses and individuals keep shooting themselves in the foot.

The funny size is that when someone starts coming up with an idea, another person or the individuals themselves, immediately shot it down because x. Isn’t this about coming with new ideas? Why is it that we stop before it is fully formulated?

We could argue that it was too dumb or too this or too that. The point we would be missing is that all ideas are good. Some may not be practical and still they are good. As more ideas are written down, patterns start to emerge, some ideas will trigger other ideas, etc. Even unpractical ideas can trigger great ideas.

Never be afraid of expressing and writing down ideas. They are an excellent source of innovation, improvement and progress.

What idea are you thinking about now? Write it down!

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