How much is your thinking holding you back? (Part 4)

How much is your thinking holding you back? (Part 3)
Wednesday 07 November 2018
How much is your thinking holding you back? (Part 5)
Friday 09 November 2018

Continuing with this week theme, our next item relates to our values. Values are those important feeling we have that we are willing to fight for. In a simpler term, our values are the rules we want to live by and the standards we set for ourselves. Simple. That said, there are a few things we must be aware to ensure our values do not get in our way… Let me explain.

First write down all the values that are important to you. As many as relevant to you (rule of thumb is about ten, then again, as many or as few as you like). Then follow these steps:

  1. Are all values congruent with each other? Are they moving you the same direction? Sometimes, we may have values that undo other values. For example, in some cultures, money is related to bad people (this would be one value), so a person in this culture wanting to build wealth (another value) would have a conflict between the two. Overtime, this individual would likely be building wealth and losing it like a yo-yo.
  2. Are all the values moving you toward you vision and your purpose? For example, an individual could have a value that helps him/her to avoid being hungry (moving away from hunger). This can also lead to not saving money and expending too much in food. A more effective value would be one to build wealth (moving toward), which will keep him fed and covering all his living expenses, etc.
  3. Order them, being number one the most important value, the second most, etc. The most important value should be the one that over arch all other values.

A simple yet effective way to work on your values. Like when working in your vision, defining your values may take some time. Once you have your list, keep it for at least one year and review them every two years or so.

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