How much is your thinking holding you back? (Part 3)

How much is your thinking holding you back? (Part 2)
Tuesday 06 November 2018
How much is your thinking holding you back? (Part 4)
Thursday 08 November 2018
JamesB asked a very valid question from yesterday’s post and I will try to simplify how you can work out your life vision.

You can do the following exercise as a starting point. Some will get it quickly, and others (like myself) may take longer. The important thing is to start working in defining your own vision and to take as long as it takes. Keep working on it until you get it (discipline yourself to consistently persevere until you get it).

Imagine you are 1,000 years old (yes, three zeros). For sake of this exercise, imagine you have achieved everything you wanted in life (personal, business, career, wealth, health, etc). You are gathered with your friends and close relatives to celebrate your birthday and they ask you to tell them what the five accomplishments you have achieved that you are the MOST proud of doing.

The answer to the above exercise will give you a good indicator of what your vision, your purpose in life is.