Overcoming Procrastination
Monday 23 April 2018
Professional Development vs Personal Development
Wednesday 25 April 2018
  1. Welcome uncertainty: Life is uncertain, and many people try to stop change and the unknown. We never know what is going to happen next, so rather than avoiding being uncomfortable, embrace the unknown, become comfortable with it. Uncertainty is like a mother of a 5-7-year-old child that want to cross the street alone. The mother wants to keep the child safe and go alone to protect the child. Eventually, the mother allows the child to do a small thing and as he/she proves the mother she/he can handle, the mother start letting it be. Same thing takes place with uncertainty and managing the unknown: At the beginning we do not want it, but as we start welcoming it, we gradually and over time, we become comfortable with the unknown. The outcome is that we are willing to look for new ways and other alternatives to achieve, so we become achievers.

  2. Never stop learning and developing self (professionally and personally): We can choose to live green and growing or ripe and rotting… Green and growing is about learning new things and developing ourselves to be better, getting to know ourselves better and find out how we can improve. When we stop doing this, we become ripe…

  3. Never compare with others: Each one of us is unique, with our unique circumstances, problems, points of views, beliefs, life experiences, etc. We life in our own shoes and no someone else’s… So why do we compare our situation with others? What we must do is compare ourselves with what we were before and see how far we have come, how much we have achieved and then choose where we want to go and what we want to do.

  4. Always grateful: Being grateful is about appreciating what we are, what we have, what we have achieved. This appreciation will bring happiness, gratitude and a better life. Remember, no matter what, we always something to be grateful for. The more we develop this trait, the easier it becomes, the more grateful we become and happier our life will be.

  5. Love self: We must take care of ourselves before we can effectively and sustainable can take care of others. Same thing applies to love, the more we love ourselves, the more and better we can love others. Self-Love is about taking care of self and our overall well-being (nutrition, healthy, rest, fitness, mindset, etc). The outcome is we have the energy and mindset to achieve what we set to do.