Five Tactics In Times of Confinement

How much is your thinking holding you back? (Video)
Wednesday 14 November 2018
Tactic 1: It is easy to have a positive mindset when everything is going well. The important thing is to maintain this positive mindset and attitude when we find challenges and hard times in our lives. It is during hard times when we see who a successful person and entrepreneur is. It is hard to do so, YES, it is very hard. Then again, if it was easy, no one would ever have any issues in life. Look at this like when we fall, we then stand up, shake the dust out of ourselves and move on.

Tactic 2: We are living unprecedented times. It is now when, rather than getting worried, we must focus on controlling what we can control and do something about it. Rather than worrying about what we can’t control, how about working how we can adapt to the new circumstances. It is time to assess what the challenges are and what options we have. Then select the best suitable one and move on. A motto I learned when I was in the military goes along the line of (when something out of the norm takes place): Stop, Assess, Choose Option, Action It. Panicking is a normal reaction of people that goes into action without thinking about the available options.

Tactic 3: Never stop living your own life. Some businesses stop doing business when they encounter a significant challenge in life, waiting for the challenge to pass. Yes, sometimes we are unable to avoid that. Then again, often is more about us being unable to find a way to adapt to the new circumstances. Times of hardship and challenges are the times to look for new opportunities. Hard times often bring new needs that need to be met. There are two I suggest to always keep in mind:
  1. A quotation from Tony Robbins: “There is always a way. There is always a better way. There is always a better way right now.”
  2. It is better to start doing what we want NOW, with what we have than waiting for all to be ready. A metaphor here is like waiting for all the stoplights to be green before we start driving to our destination. If we were to wait for all the stoplights to go green, we would never start moving. We can always adjust and improve as we go.

Tactic 4: Avoid the virus infecting your life! Yes, we are probably thinking about COVID-19 and we should also all do the things that medical doctors, scientists and the government are asking us to do. Then again… it is a lot more than that. It is more about avoiding the current situation infesting our mindset and losing our perspective. This is about taking care of our mindset, reviewing our priorities and maintaining control of our lives and how we live it. Remember, all this situation will pass. Avoid spending all the time doing things that will keep us where we are. Let’s take the opportunity to improve ourselves, read about those things we want to improve, do personal development, start a new hobby, etc. The list goes on! Focus on activities that will move you forward to a better self.

Tactic 5: Don't fall into the "poor little me" trap. Take your eyes off yourself and put it on others. Let’s focus on all the things that we still have and many others do not. Focus on how fortunate we still are, even in the current situation. No matter what, we will always find challenges, emergencies and other obstacles in our life. Let us all work around the problem, or resolve the challenge, or adapt to the new environment. It is at times like this that leaders are forged, so be the leader your business and family need today.