Did you fail or did you learn?

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Friday 09 October 2015
Do you know what you want in life?
Monday 12 October 2015
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Did you fail or did you learn?

Often, a problem is not what we think the problem is, but rather the way we think. For instance, today is Monday, which many people are likely to say “Oh no, it is Monday xxxx” referring to a bad day. Monday is just another day and it can be a great Monday or otherwise. Likewise, some people may indicate something along the lines “Oh no, today is a rainy day xxx”, again indicating that because the weather is bad, it will be a bad day. To start with, I can recall great days with absolutely bad weather. And we can go on and on…

I will leave you with this quotation from Thomas Edison that shows his thinking toward circumstances and how he turned outcomes he did not want into something positive to keep going until he succeeded…

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