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Tuesday 11 April 2017
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Wednesday 12 April 2017
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Creating our own business

Many of us, who decide to go and build our own business, take references from many other entrepreneurs who have successfully built a great, successful multi-million-dollar business. This is great as we are taking ideas from different models to build what we want.

The thing we need to pay special attention are the hidden details.

Let’s take the construction of a building as an example. The architect comes with ideas and makes a brilliant design, then the building is constructed, with a great outcome that we all talk about. How beautiful, functional, energy savings, etc., etc.

What we tend to miss is that, for that building to come up to the greatness it became, there were countless number of people-hours, resources, challenges, paperwork, permissions, compromises and sacrifices (among others) that had to be made for the building to become a reality.

A key aspect of making all the above processes is to keep our focus on the outcome, our goal. Each challenge may imply we change our plans and never our goal.

Building our own business is a great endeavour and like a building, it will take each one of us a significant effort, along with perseverance, long hard working hours, sacrifices, etc. to make it happen. It may take time and often a lot more work and resources than expected.

Then again, the outcome we seek is worth it and will bring us a lot of personal fulfilment and financial rewards… Just remember, we can change the plans, without deviating from our ultimate goal.

The question is: Do you have a clear focus, a clear outcome about the business you like to build?

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