Where did I our childhood thinking went?

Embracing change is the key!
Monday 05 June 2017
Children’s resilience
Tuesday 06 June 2017
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Where did I our childhood thinking went?

A child making things work. Somehow, they always find a way...

We can probably remember how many ideas we would come up when we were children. It was like an endless flow of innovating ideas and we did not see problems. We only saw obstacles for which we would come with a new idea to work around and resolve it. We always found a way… Then, we grep up.

I wonder how much more productive and happier we would be if we just let loose our imagination, like when we were children, when we were happy to fail, learn and make it work. Bring back that mentality in which always came up with solutions for any barrier that we encounter in our life, when we just saw the fun side of life…

I would like to challenge all to bring that children thinking back to our life, at least for a day, and find out how much more you can achieve.

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