Thursday 21 January 2016

Do you live at cause or at effect?

There is a life coach principle called “Cause and effect”. In short, there are people who “cause” the events the experience in life and then, there are those who live the experiences of someone else’s event (the “effects”). How can you possibly create everything that happens in your world? The truth is we don’t know. May this principle is not true. I ask: Does believing this principle of cause and effect to be true empower you? Does it assist you to produce the results you are looking for? Does it improve the quality of your life? Believe it to be true or otherwise, act as if it is. Pretend! Act as if it is until it is. Regardless of whether your believe this to be true or not, this approach acts as possible filters of your reality and determine what you allow yourself to experience in your life. Keep in mind that what you filter out will not be possible in your world, so it will not be possible in your life. Those who believe they are not at “cause” for where they are in their own life, they are typically those who spend all their time blaming others or some other event for their “bad luck”, for “xxx” not taking place, for them not being able to do “yyy”, etc. In other words, they live the “effect” of someone else’s “cause”. They focus on the problem and therefore, they find more problems. The people who believe they cause things to happen, they create their own world, they create their […]
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