Self Development

Wednesday 26 April 2017

Why a clear purpose?

A person with a clear purpose is a leader. On the same token, a leader without a clear purpose lack focus, direction and inconsistent results, like going to place without knowing the address.
Monday 24 April 2017

Keeping customers…

Some of us work for a business and others have our own business. In both cases, we have heard the expression “the customer is always right”. Although a good principle to go by, we all know it is not necessarily true. Still, unhappy customers are an un-healthy outcome for businesses. How about following Michael LeBoeuf suggestion: “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.”? Furthermore, how about delivering a “WOW!” experience to our customers?
Monday 24 April 2017


Most of us want to be the best at something. Then again, we often settle for “That is good enough” … Can we be the best at anything with this ‘good enough’ business? Let us all remember: We are only as good as the standards we set for ourselves.
Monday 24 April 2017

What type of day is it for you today?

There is common expression along the lines “Oh no, today is Monday. I can’t stand Mondays” or other similar comments relating to the weather (cold, hot, wet, dry, etc). Monday, Tuesday, … Friday, Saturday, … ALL are just a label. A label we put as a reference in time. The reality is that the days are the days, regardless of the label we put to them. There is no “bad” or “good” Mondays. It is just the way we choose to live them. So, how do you choose to live each day? Based on the label of the day? Based on the weather? Based on what someone else says? … Or based on what YOU want it to be?
Saturday 22 April 2017

Change & Adapt!

Life is all about on-going change and adaptation, like a photographer choosing the camera and options best suited for the purpose. How are you changing and adapting to take the new possibilities and opportunities in life?  
Friday 21 April 2017

Getting complex tasks done

Sometimes, we want to do something and almost immediately we discard the idea because “it is too xxx” (where xxx could be complex, difficult, time consuming, etc). Sometimes that is the case and it is OK. Then again, did we really assessed it was too [insert]? Or was it that it was easier to use the excuse to avoid doing it? By giving in so easily, we lose opportunities, we limit ourselves and eventually we convince ourselves we are not good for anything. Have you thought about breaking the task, goal, activity, etc, into smaller parts and then focus on that small part? Once complete, you then go into the next one. It is like walking. We can’t move instantly from one place to another, but we can get there one step at the time until we arrive to our destination. This approach can also allow us to build a ship or anything we set out minds to… What is it you want to do and have been using the excuse “it is too [insert]”? How about breaking it into smaller do-able challenges?