Self Development

Monday 29 May 2017

What do success stories have in common?

The people behind all success stories were people looking for change and willing to change. Once they found it, they took it as an opportunity and they made use of it. What changes are you making to transform your opportunity into a reality?
Monday 29 May 2017

Fear the changes to success?

Most people want to succeed at something, while at the same time fear the changes they must do to succeed. You and only you can make the changes you need to achieve your success! The secret to achieve your success involves: 1. Be willing to fail and learn from it to try again and again until done. 2. Be willing let go our ego, stop mocking around and stop giving ourselves excuses to avoid doing it. 3. Be willing to change yourself, to become what you want to be. We always have options. Instead of problem, look at the challenge. How about focusing on what you can do and doing it?
Monday 29 May 2017

How is your life? Difficult or full of challenges?

Many people tend to focus on all the reasons why success has been out of reach for them. I believe it is much easier to achieve your own definition of success by focusing on the things you can do; however small they may be. One step, one task, one small goal after other will get you to your own success as you want it. Persistence, determination and the wiliness to learn from the things that don’t work will make success a reality. What is your next step toward your success?
Friday 26 May 2017

Work Life Balance?

Work Life Balance? A current popular trend refers to reaching a balance between life and work. Most agree on the need for the balance. However, there are too many difference on what work-life balance means to reach a consensus on how to achieve it. In one hand, work is part of life, so I am not sure the term “work-life” is the most appropriate one. That said, I will refer to Tony Robbins’ definition of the “6 Core Human Needs” (full article at, where he talks about the need of each one of us to have a certain level of certainty and variety, significance and love & connection, and growth and contribution in our life. Most of what we do in life is about meeting all these needs and maintaining the balance within each pair. Each one of us requires a unique balance within each pair of the six core needs and when we have that balance, we feel fulfilled and happy. Some people needs lots of variety, while others want more certainty. Same thing applies to the other two pairs. Back to the balanced life, while some people will need more of the variety and challenges found at work, others will need and want more of the safety, security and certainty they get at home with their families. While some will want more of the feeling of significance and importance, others will want more the love and connection with other people. In addition, there are resourceful and un-resourceful ways to meet each one of these needs and therefore […]
Thursday 25 May 2017

OR vs AND: Which is a better approach?

When we travel overseas, we often use a mix of transportation mediums (plane, busses, cars, etc). That provides us with the best and most effective way to achieve all we want in that particular trip. When working how to do things in business, we often get involved in an argument or discussion around this idea or that idea, this approach vs that approach and so on. Often both ideas, approaches or whatever are good by their own merits. How is it then, that we use the “this OR that” to choose only one? Wouldn’t it be better and more effective if we were to go with “this AND that”, maybe taking the best of all ideas and approaches and come up with the ideal outcome? Keep this in mind when deciding between more than one idea or more than one approach: Is this about deciding how to reach the best outcome or which idea/approach is the best? Is this about choosing who will get the credit or is it about how to best do something? When more than one idea/approach is available, how about using all of them instead of one? Or any combination?
Tuesday 23 May 2017

Making your business a leader in the industry

Often, we see many businesses running to catch up with the competition when they come up with a novel idea, product, service or whatever. I wonder, how come people rush to catch up and copy what the competition is doing well instead of having an ongoing approach to innovation, curiosity and novel ideas? How come businesses seem to be more focus on selling whatever they have instead of creating a wonderful product or service that people will want to have very much and therefore selling by itself? I wonder how much better would a business do if they start leading the industry instead of following the lead.