Thursday 29 June 2017

Job satisfaction?

Let’s imaging that we find the best teacher there is in the world. The absolute best and we put him/her to teach grade 1 in primary school, while he/she loves to teach grade 12 in high school… What would the outcome be? Would he/she last? Would he/she do a respectable job at teaching? Would he/she be happy teaching grade 1? I wonder… how is it that so many people work at a particular job that they dislike to great extend and keep doing it just for the money? What is money for if they are unhappy? How is it they close their mind to other jobs, other opportunities? How good quality of a job can they do if they dislike it so much? How can they get a pay increase or a promotion when they clearly prefer to be somewhere else? I wonder…
Thursday 08 June 2017

Where is your career taking you? Where is life taking you?

A person with a purpose knows what he/she wants and where to go. They are inspired, make things happen and achieve their goals. A person without a purpose just wonders around life and most of the times wondering why they are not as successful as others…
Thursday 08 June 2017

What about your business mission statement?

Many organisations, that have a mission statement, tend to just have it framed and mention it to new employee when they get hire. Besides that, it virtually never gets mentioned again. The organisation vision, values and mission statements are powerful tools to keep its workforce inspired and motivated. They provide a purpose and direction that translate into a more effective and productive business. How often does your organisation mission statement get mentioned?
Monday 05 June 2017

What is the purpose?

Like all parties and event, business have a purpose. This purpose is about the launch of innovative ideas, it is about the people behind the business, it is about the relationships with others and it is about the contribution and service to others that get rewarded. Opportunities will come to the businesses that practice and sustain all the above, as well as having all the client and customer they can manage. How focused is your business purpose with the actual on-going business activities? If you want to renew or re-focus your business activities, contact me at
Wednesday 17 May 2017

Water flowing & Change

Many of us have experienced, in a way or another, how hard, virtually impossible to stop water flowing. We may be able to hold it for a while, but eventually water will flow one way or another. Trying to avoid change is the same. We may be able to delay it for some time, but it will take place one way or another. As with the water, we may not be able to stop change, but we can impact what direction it goes. We can drive change the way we want it to be or we let change take us somewhere else.
Thursday 11 May 2017

How Do You Feel About Your Job?

Today, many people go into business, go into a career or get a job because it will give them “lots of money” and often they get nothing. The irony here is that the money comes from the passion and enjoyment the individual gets when doing their job and taking care of the clients. This shows in a higher level of engagement and connection with the client, which translate in more business and higher demand for the service/job the individual provides. Is your current job something you love to do? Are you passionate about your business/career/job? If not, have you thought of making a change?