Monday 04 September 2017

Trends vs Disruption

It s very common thing that when something becomes a success everyone copy cat it and tries to benefit. The catch is that at this point in time, the “new” idea is no longer new and the main differentiator would be price… Lots of hard work for little earnings. A better approach is to become the leader that creates the trends, the standards by which everyone else is measure and the return is much greater. Then again, many people may believe coming up with new products, innovation, being the leader is too hard, it is for supper smart people, etc. The reality is that inventions, innovative thinking is a lot easier than most people believe. For example, how many time there is a new product in the market, you see it and you say to yourself “why didn’t think of it before?” The main thing here is to believe in yourself, believe you can do it!
Friday 28 July 2017

The change-improve-learn cycle

Facts: Nothing is perfect and can always be improve Change is always happening, no matter how much we try to avoid it We can learn at least one new thing every day So, go out, select something that can be improved, make some changes to it to make it better and in the process, learn something new every day. PS: Have fun while you are at it.
Monday 24 July 2017

Improvement without change?

Some people want to improve, while at the same time do not want any changes… Other people dream to be a lot more successful while they keep thinking and doing what they always done… I wonder… How are people going to improve anything without making any changes? How are people going to be more successful without changing the way they do things? Knowing that change is a constant thing in life, how is it that so many people resist it?
Monday 24 July 2017

It is more about how you use…

It seems to me that many business and people wait to have something before they can achieve success. What I have learned in life is that success is more about how you consistently use what you have more than anything else.
Monday 17 July 2017

Do we discourage or encourage innovation?

Today’s business and social environment tend to put a very negative view on failure to the point that many people feel ashamed. In many cases, businesses and people hide any failure to avoid the stigma that is often associated with it. Still, business and society expect success and people to have experience at everything. Furthermore, businesses and society expect plenty of innovation. I wonder, how people will risk doing innovating things, making any changes to improve, try original approaches, etc., when there is such a burden… Imagine, an environment where people is encouraged to try to innovative approaches and new ideas, where everyone involved learn from what it works and what did not convey the expected results. Furthermore, imagine a place where people look at what did not work and find other ways in which it can be useful… I wonder…
Friday 07 July 2017

A different point of view…

I little while ago, I saw a video as part a self-development program and there was this character who was stocked in an escalator, which stopped working. The character was so focus on the escalator not working and how to get it fixed that did not realise he could just walk up or down out of the escalator and continue as normal. Imagine how many challenges we would conquer, how issues we would resolve and how many arguments we could settle by changing the way we look at them.