Wednesday 14 November 2018

How much is your thinking holding you back? (Video)

This is a life streaming of my last week theme. Also, for a limited time, I will offer 5 Discovery Session to the first 5 people that ask for it (either posting here or in a private message). This offer is only valid for the next 72 hours.  
Monday 30 October 2017

Achieving your goals

Many times, the challenge of achieving a goal is more about what we think, how we see ourselves or knowing what we really want, rather than the actual capability, ability or expertise on how to do it. Contact me if you like to know more on how to overcome this type of challenge.
Thursday 29 June 2017

Job satisfaction?

Let’s imaging that we find the best teacher there is in the world. The absolute best and we put him/her to teach grade 1 in primary school, while he/she loves to teach grade 12 in high school… What would the outcome be? Would he/she last? Would he/she do a respectable job at teaching? Would he/she be happy teaching grade 1? I wonder… how is it that so many people work at a particular job that they dislike to great extend and keep doing it just for the money? What is money for if they are unhappy? How is it they close their mind to other jobs, other opportunities? How good quality of a job can they do if they dislike it so much? How can they get a pay increase or a promotion when they clearly prefer to be somewhere else? I wonder…
Tuesday 27 June 2017

Striving for success?

I find amazing that people work so hard to be successful without trying to be of value and fail to achieve success. A much simpler approach, that often leads better friends and provide more fulfilment, is to strive to be of value. Once you are, success will follow.
Friday 23 June 2017

Thank you.

In comparison, most of us have a lot more blessings than problems and as the working week is about to end, it is time to be grateful for all of our blessings. It is also true that we should be grateful for all our problems and tribulations, because they make us take stock on where we are in our life and how to become a better person. Have a wonderful and fantastic weekend.
Monday 19 June 2017

What if?

I wonder: how much easier would our life be and how more would we achieve if we were to stop giving ourselves excuses why we can’t something and start finding ways to do it?