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Wednesday 19 April 2017


Change will take place not matter what we do. If we fight it or try to avoid it, then change will take place according to what someone else wants. If we drive it, we will influence the outcome to our liking and our needs.
Wednesday 19 April 2017

Improving ourselves

Too often, I see people working how to improve and at the same time unwilling to make any change. Why this happens is a long story and it can be easy to fix. Let us all do something to help each one of us get better at coming out with alternatives, innovative ideas and start to become more comfortable with making changes. Challenge: For the next 30 days, each day come up with a new way to do normal activities in your daily routine.
Wednesday 19 April 2017


It is funny how sometimes when working out ideas (for whichever reason), businesses and individuals keep shooting themselves in the foot. The funny size is that when someone starts coming up with an idea, another person or the individuals themselves, immediately shot it down because x. Isn’t this about coming with new ideas? Why is it that we stop before it is fully formulated? We could argue that it was too dumb or too this or too that. The point we would be missing is that all ideas are good. Some may not be practical and still they are good. As more ideas are written down, patterns start to emerge, some ideas will trigger other ideas, etc. Even unpractical ideas can trigger great ideas. Never be afraid of expressing and writing down ideas. They are an excellent source of innovation, improvement and progress. What idea are you thinking about now? Write it down!
Tuesday 18 April 2017

Your goals

Your goals may be personal, or it may be professional. What you do know is that it’s not happening at the moment, and it’s time you did this, because you deserve it! And I will be there to help you each step of the way.
Tuesday 18 April 2017


The curiosity to know how you think, allows you to adjust your thinking style and achieve your goals and purpose in life in lesser time, with less effort and often with a higher level of fulfillment.
Monday 17 April 2017

What do you want in your business, career and life?

Have you ever seen a dog chasing rabbits in the paddy fields? From certain point of view, it can be very funny as you see the dog chasing a rabbit and before it catches it, the dog starts chasing another rabbit and so on. At the end of the day, the dog is exhausted and has caught zero rabbit. From other point of view, it is very sad, as lack of a clear target keep the dog changing the target. Having a purpose in life, is the same as having a clear target in life. It keeps us in track to achieve what we want to achieve. When we want sometime, make a clear goal of what and when you want to achieve, AND have a clear purpose of why you want to achieve. Having these two, the purpose and goal, are the best tools you can have to achieve anything you want in business, career and life. What do you want in your business, career and life?