Thursday 29 June 2017

Opportunities: Where are they?

It is amazing the number of opportunities that we come across every day and we let them pass because: we did not realise it was an opportunity until too late, we think it is not for us, it is too small, it is too big, I don’t have [insert] and the list goes on and on. I wonder… If we focus on looking for opportunities, how many opportunities will we find today?
Wednesday 17 May 2017

Water flowing & Change

Many of us have experienced, in a way or another, how hard, virtually impossible to stop water flowing. We may be able to hold it for a while, but eventually water will flow one way or another. Trying to avoid change is the same. We may be able to delay it for some time, but it will take place one way or another. As with the water, we may not be able to stop change, but we can impact what direction it goes. We can drive change the way we want it to be or we let change take us somewhere else.
Monday 01 May 2017

Leadership thinking styles

Some businesses require a conservative approach. Others, a more dynamic style and most, require a balanced thinking style. In all cases, the business must know its purpose, what it wants to achieve. Once the business knows what its purpose is, then it would become clear what leadership style will be the best. What is your business purpose? Is it generic and very specific? Can you make it more specific? PS: “Be successful” and “generate lots of revenue” are generic. “Be in the top 5 most popular in the industry in 5 years” and “generate 5 million dollar revenue in 5 years” are specific.
Monday 01 May 2017

Improving your business, career & life

Many businesses hire people like me, business coaches, to improve productivity, revenue, etc. For many people, business coaching is about how to run the business, the processes, the systems and so on. Fewer people understand that in addition to the processes, systems, etc, there is something much more important for the business to improve: How the people in the business think. The more responsibility the person has, the more important their thinking style is. Do you understand how you think? How does your thinking style impacts your career, your business, your life?
Thursday 27 April 2017

Increasing productivity

Business often hold in-house training or send their employees to external training to make them more productive. This is a good approach of does deliver results. Business also know that often, the results are just a portion of what the training is supposed to deliver. One step that business can do to make people more productive is to inspire them, to make them want to improve themselves from within their own will. Inspiration will drive the employees for ways to improve their performance and will take the business to the next level. Businesses that have a win-win culture that includes inspiration, training and self-development will have a workforce thriving for ongoing improvements leading to unending increase in productivity, collaboration, efficiency and customer satisfaction.
Wednesday 26 April 2017

Why a clear purpose?

A person with a clear purpose is a leader. On the same token, a leader without a clear purpose lack focus, direction and inconsistent results, like going to place without knowing the address.