Monday 05 June 2017

What is the purpose?

Like all parties and event, business have a purpose. This purpose is about the launch of innovative ideas, it is about the people behind the business, it is about the relationships with others and it is about the contribution and service to others that get rewarded. Opportunities will come to the businesses that practice and sustain all the above, as well as having all the client and customer they can manage. How focused is your business purpose with the actual on-going business activities? If you want to renew or re-focus your business activities, contact me at
Thursday 01 June 2017

Is “this” opportunity for you?

Sometimes people let pass a fantastic opportunity because they do not have the talent, the education, the [insert]… What they missed is that commitment, passion, attitude, a “make it work” mindset, a wiliness to learn, change and adapt are all you need to make any opportunity for you to make your dreams a reality.
Thursday 01 June 2017

Where are the opportunities?

Many people often ask where to find opportunities and when I point at some I get responses like “too much work”, “no worth it” and so on. The thing is, opportunities are about something that is raw and requires lots a work to develop into something great. If you can’t see the possibilities the opportunity has, then opportunities will always be out of reach. Opportunities are for those who are willing to dream, to see possibilities, to make it work and transform the opportunity into their dream. Opportunity is all about making all problems, barriers and obstacles a challenge to deal with and then conquer the challenge. In short, you will find the opportunities you are willing to work for.
Wednesday 31 May 2017

Success is about…

Many people think that success comes to those people that have done great things. In a matter of speaking, this is true. Then again, it is a lot more than that. Success is about: Understanding what did not work, learn from it and what to try next. Doing one step at the time and continue until the outcome is achieved. Making a challenge to deal with out of every problem, obstacle, barrier found on the way to achievement. Self-belief, the belief that it can be done, the belief that if the plan does not work, then change the plan, while keeping the outcome, the purpose as your true north. Loving what you do, have a personal pride to achieve it. Your own ability to learn, to change and adapt to overcome each challenge. The journey to achieve the outcome, instead of the outcome. In short, success is all about your mindset and your ongoing approach to all you do in life.
Wednesday 31 May 2017

Cleverness vs Tenacity & Patience

Impatient people often get nothing done, as they keep changing what they are doing trying to get it quickly. Patient people get all they want. In this regard, I will always prefer a person with tenacity and patience than a clever one… If the person has all, even better.
Wednesday 31 May 2017

The lost art of persistence and patience

It has become the norm that everything must be done instantly. As we all know, normally that seldom happens. Yes, we do want to do things quickly. Then again, just because we must try more than once, we have to drop it and try something else. Perseverance and patience are the key to get things done correctly and effectively. When we try it and we get a different result, it only means we found something and does not work the way we want. Try again using a different approach and keep going until you find what you want. How much do you want it? How far are you willing to go?
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