Monday 03 July 2017

Changes are happening fast and then what?

Most people know that things are constantly changing and very fast. Businesses, that resist change, tend to go out of business very quickly too. In addition, keeping up with on-going changes is not good enough. Success, be that in our career, business or any other aspect of our life, is based on our ability to translate what we learn from the changes into effective and productive actions as quick as possible. The better we become and translating the learnings into actions and the quicker we do it, the easier it is to achieve success in what we want.
Monday 03 July 2017

Changing without change?

We all want to be something and we work toward becoming that something. One of the biggest barrier we have, maybe the biggest, is our own thinking. We must learn to think like what we want to become. If we want to be a millionaire person, we must think like a millionaire. If we want to be successful in business, we must think like a successful business person. If we want to… I wonder, how is it that many people want to become something else, while they keep doing the same thing they have always done and thinking the same way? How is it they want to change without changing anything? I wonder…
Friday 30 June 2017

Keeping things in perspective?

There are times in which we need to behave in this or that way and other times we behave the way we want. In my case, I like to keep in mind that life is too serious to live it seriously. This helps me to keep perspective of where I am and where I want to be, while at the same time, it allows me to enjoy the journey, have some fun on the way and see the funny side of everything happening around me. As the end of the working week is about to start, let’s us all have a wonderful, fantastic and fabulous weekend.
Wednesday 28 June 2017

Achievement: Purpose, outcome

It is amazing how much we can achieve when we have a clear purpose and outcome. For example: It always amaze me how much I get done the day before I go on holidays… Purpose: Be free to go on holidays; Outcome: Finish all my work.
Wednesday 28 June 2017

Business is about…

Business success is all about people: Knowing how to serve people, how to talk to people, how to relate to people, how to… Once you master all about people, business success is served to you in a golden plate.
Tuesday 27 June 2017


As a rule, we tend to specialise in a particular skill to a very high degree. Many people focus so much on this that stop learning anything else. What many of these people forget is that learning about other skills provide different perspective on how to approach problems, how to create fresh solutions, … how to innovate.