Monday 17 July 2017

Do we discourage or encourage innovation?

Today’s business and social environment tend to put a very negative view on failure to the point that many people feel ashamed. In many cases, businesses and people hide any failure to avoid the stigma that is often associated with it. Still, business and society expect success and people to have experience at everything. Furthermore, businesses and society expect plenty of innovation. I wonder, how people will risk doing innovating things, making any changes to improve, try original approaches, etc., when there is such a burden… Imagine, an environment where people is encouraged to try to innovative approaches and new ideas, where everyone involved learn from what it works and what did not convey the expected results. Furthermore, imagine a place where people look at what did not work and find other ways in which it can be useful… I wonder…
Friday 07 July 2017

A different point of view…

I little while ago, I saw a video as part a self-development program and there was this character who was stocked in an escalator, which stopped working. The character was so focus on the escalator not working and how to get it fixed that did not realise he could just walk up or down out of the escalator and continue as normal. Imagine how many challenges we would conquer, how issues we would resolve and how many arguments we could settle by changing the way we look at them.
Thursday 06 July 2017

How suitable to me is my thinking style?

We currently have the mean to assess the level of education, knowledge and problem solving skills. We also heavily use these means when hiring someone or looking for work, among other uses. However, very little focus is put on the drivers behind on the how we use the education, knowledge and how we approach problem solving, “thinking style” is I may. Imagine how much more we could do if we understood and gaged our own thinking style, see where we are and how we can improve it to excel at what we want to achieve, just the same way we can understand and assess our qualifications to do something, like being an accountant. I wonder…
Wednesday 05 July 2017

What is success about?

A successful business and a successful person are more about knowing how to consistently and effectively manage problems, challenges, conflicts and mistakes than doing everything right.
Tuesday 04 July 2017


The main difference between an innovator and a follower/copy-cat is that the innovator is willing to bet in his/her idea and risk public ridicule. I wonder… how much more successful and fulfilled people would be if they were more concern about what they are and believe in than what other people think?
Tuesday 04 July 2017

Innovation and processes/systems

I wonder why people tend to make innovation and processes/systems two mutually exclusive areas. I can relate that innovation is about change and I also understand the processes/systems is about a set of steps to consistently deliver a pre-defined outcome… I wonder how much more productive a business could be if we were to refer to innovation and processes/systems as two inter-related areas in which processes/systems provide the structure to produce a consistent outcome while innovation is consistently and constantly looking for way to improve processes/systems…