Sunday 21 May 2017

What is imagination?

When we are children, we dream and our imagination goes wild. The more we dream, the more we imagine, the more possibilities and opportunities we find. The we grow up and we are told that dreaming and imagining things are for children, so we stop. Then, our world becomes very small, we seem to be stuck, we can’t find opportunities. Then, I wonder… How about dreaming and imagining a much better future? How about we start dreaming and imagining a way to go from where we are to where we want to go?
Sunday 21 May 2017

How far can your imagination go?

Our life is limited only by our imagination, by our dreams… People tend to forget to dream because it is not real, without realising that what we dream, what we imagine will create our reality. So, we can only go as far as we can imagine. What are your dreams? How far can you go with your imagination?
Saturday 20 May 2017

Imagination vs Logic

Logic tells us what is possible and what is not based on what we know. Imagination let us discover new possibilities, new opportunities, new things and with them we can define and re-define logic. Let your imagination go free, let it go wild and discover a new world.
Thursday 18 May 2017

Attitude toward change

Many people resist change, mostly trying to keep their career, business or life in control, in balance. The more they resist, the more out of control and the more un-balanced they will feel. The trick here is that change will take place, like or not. So, instead of resisting it, embrace it and drive it the way you want to go. Make it happen the way you want it. The outcome will be that change takes place based on what you want, when you want and giving you feeling of being in control and you will also be able to have a more balanced overall experience.
Wednesday 17 May 2017

Choosing how change takes place

In business and in our personal lives, we know change will take place. We can choose to make the change the way we want when we want or we can choose to change take place whichever way and probably end up with an outcome we wanted to avoid… How is change taking place in your business? In your life?
Wednesday 17 May 2017

Water flowing & Change

Many of us have experienced, in a way or another, how hard, virtually impossible to stop water flowing. We may be able to hold it for a while, but eventually water will flow one way or another. Trying to avoid change is the same. We may be able to delay it for some time, but it will take place one way or another. As with the water, we may not be able to stop change, but we can impact what direction it goes. We can drive change the way we want it to be or we let change take us somewhere else.