Thursday 25 May 2017

OR vs AND: Which is a better approach?

When we travel overseas, we often use a mix of transportation mediums (plane, busses, cars, etc). That provides us with the best and most effective way to achieve all we want in that particular trip. When working how to do things in business, we often get involved in an argument or discussion around this idea or that idea, this approach vs that approach and so on. Often both ideas, approaches or whatever are good by their own merits. How is it then, that we use the “this OR that” to choose only one? Wouldn’t it be better and more effective if we were to go with “this AND that”, maybe taking the best of all ideas and approaches and come up with the ideal outcome? Keep this in mind when deciding between more than one idea or more than one approach: Is this about deciding how to reach the best outcome or which idea/approach is the best? Is this about choosing who will get the credit or is it about how to best do something? When more than one idea/approach is available, how about using all of them instead of one? Or any combination?
Wednesday 24 May 2017

One way big businesses disappear

Big businesses are those small businesses that were flexible and versatile, with a clear purpose and well define plans to grow and evolved. They were also quick to adapt to the ever-changing market conditions. As long as they are able to maintain all the above qualities, they are likely to stay at the top of the game. The point where big businesses tend to go south is when the processes and policies become more important that the outcome the business is trying to achieve. At the same time, the vision that provided the north to achieve success is also lost. Eventually, it disappears from the market. A simplify four step formula for success in any business of any size is: A clear purpose / vision and values: It provides a clear direction for the business to follow, while the values provide the rules on how to travel during the journey. A structure that provides the processes and systems to support and facilitate the businesses. Processes and systems are about simplifying path to achieve the outcome defined by the vision. An excellent execution of the business plans, while maintaining the flexibility to adapt to the ever-changing environment and market conditions. Finally, the people that makes all the above take place. These people must relate and be aligned to the business vision and values, while having the expertise and ability to execute the business plan using the business structure. Which of the above four items can your business improve on?
Tuesday 23 May 2017

Making your business a leader in the industry

Often, we see many businesses running to catch up with the competition when they come up with a novel idea, product, service or whatever. I wonder, how come people rush to catch up and copy what the competition is doing well instead of having an ongoing approach to innovation, curiosity and novel ideas? How come businesses seem to be more focus on selling whatever they have instead of creating a wonderful product or service that people will want to have very much and therefore selling by itself? I wonder how much better would a business do if they start leading the industry instead of following the lead.
Monday 22 May 2017

Business direction

We all know that we can have a very fast car, powerful engine and everything else to make it the best car. However, without a great driver and a clear destination, the car can hardly go anywhere at the best speed. The funny thing is that many business do have great employees, great plans, great products, great many things and then have a leader without a clear purpose and vision of what the business is all about and think he/she is more important that everyone else in the business…
Sunday 21 May 2017

When you’re curious

Children’s imagination is always in overdrive, they dream up things, they are curious and they always find things to do… Many people think that being curious is rude… It can be. It can also be the path to new discoveries, new opportunities, new possibilities… Curiosity allows us to find ways to make what we imagine, what we dream a reality.  
Sunday 21 May 2017

What is imagination?

When we are children, we dream and our imagination goes wild. The more we dream, the more we imagine, the more possibilities and opportunities we find. The we grow up and we are told that dreaming and imagining things are for children, so we stop. Then, our world becomes very small, we seem to be stuck, we can’t find opportunities. Then, I wonder… How about dreaming and imagining a much better future? How about we start dreaming and imagining a way to go from where we are to where we want to go?
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