CANI (Constant And Never-ending Improvement)

Resting for better performance
Friday 17 March 2017
“Green and growing, or ripe and rotting”
Thursday 06 April 2017
Many people want to be the best at something, sometimes they even try to be the best in all. By itself, being the best is fine and commendable to have the drive to improve himself/herself.

The catch comes the people start comparing their improvement to other people and this catch is because each one of us is different, so we are comparing apple and pineapple. Being the best and working to improve yourself, in anyway in a resourceful way, is about improving yourself based on what you were yesterday. The person to beat, in a matter of speaking, is yourself.

Welcome change and commit yourself to CANI (Constant And Never-ending Improvement)!

CANI is about experimentation, innovative choice and creative thinking. It is about understanding we will have setbacks as part of growth. It is about learning from all these setbacks how to move forward.