Business (and Life) Essential Skills

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Tuesday 25 July 2017
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Thursday 27 July 2017
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Business (and Life) Essential Skills

We often talk about our professional skills and how to improve them. Some of the factor we tend to ignore are the bases on which those skills are built on. One effective and reliable method to ensure we have solid bases to build our professional skills is to also develop and master a basic set of skills in our own life:

  1. Self-Management:
    • Effectively manages self
    • Clearly lives their own values, beliefs and attitudes
    • Demonstrates commitment to ongoing professional development
  2. Relationship Management:
    • Meets Code of Ethics and professional standards
    • Honest and sincere rapport
    • Trusting and caring association
  3. Communication Skills:
    • Attunes with their peers and friends
    • Maintains effective communication
    • Genuinely champions their clients, peers and friends
  4. Career Skills:
    • Demonstrates effective listening
    • Demonstrates impactful and effective curiosity for new ideas
    • Moves the clients, peers and friends to action and results
  5. Facilitating Progress:
    • Inspires learning and growth
    • Develops goals and action plans
    • Manages accountability and advancement

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