Friday 07 July 2017

Self-Imposed Limits?

Throughout history, many times people (and businesses) have said that something was impossible and then someone did it. After that it became normal. Examples are that the automobile would never replace the horse, that human would never fly (we also have gone to outer space) and the list goes on and on. I wonder how much farther we could go, how much more we could accomplish if we were to challenge our own limitations… Imagine how many new possibilities and opportunities we could find if we were to replace “impossible” with “I’m possible”…
Thursday 06 July 2017

How suitable to me is my thinking style?

We currently have the mean to assess the level of education, knowledge and problem solving skills. We also heavily use these means when hiring someone or looking for work, among other uses. However, very little focus is put on the drivers behind on the how we use the education, knowledge and how we approach problem solving, “thinking style” is I may. Imagine how much more we could do if we understood and gaged our own thinking style, see where we are and how we can improve it to excel at what we want to achieve, just the same way we can understand and assess our qualifications to do something, like being an accountant. I wonder…
Thursday 06 July 2017

Creating the future

Businesses and people are often concerned with the speed things change in the present… I wonder if it would be better to focus on how to create the future we want to have.
Wednesday 05 July 2017

Imagine, a work meeting or workshop, where the people focus on the message and the process needed to achieve the desired outcome, instead of who gets the credit, what words he or she said, etc.
Wednesday 05 July 2017

What is success about?

A successful business and a successful person are more about knowing how to consistently and effectively manage problems, challenges, conflicts and mistakes than doing everything right.
Tuesday 04 July 2017


The main difference between an innovator and a follower/copy-cat is that the innovator is willing to bet in his/her idea and risk public ridicule. I wonder… how much more successful and fulfilled people would be if they were more concern about what they are and believe in than what other people think?