Monday 31 July 2017

Business success and achieving your dream

Achieving and living your own dream and business success is not for the fearful. Being able to achieve and live your dream and business success is about: Willing to take risks, being wrong and learning from the things that did not work as we wanted Being un-comfortable and trying new approaches, new concepts, new ideas, new … Letting go the blame, our ego, the excuses and the need to be right Focusing on solutions, rather than the problem and making it work What do you want/need to achieve and live your dream and business success? When will you start and when do you want to finish?
Friday 28 July 2017

The change-improve-learn cycle

Facts: Nothing is perfect and can always be improve Change is always happening, no matter how much we try to avoid it We can learn at least one new thing every day So, go out, select something that can be improved, make some changes to it to make it better and in the process, learn something new every day. PS: Have fun while you are at it.
Thursday 27 July 2017

Your Business Future, Your Life Future

This “Your Business Future, Your Life Future” video is about how define a clear path to achieve the future your business and you want, while avoiding distractions along the way.
Wednesday 26 July 2017

Business (and Life) Essential Skills

We often talk about our professional skills and how to improve them. Some of the factor we tend to ignore are the bases on which those skills are built on. One effective and reliable method to ensure we have solid bases to build our professional skills is to also develop and master a basic set of skills in our own life: Self-Management: Effectively manages self Clearly lives their own values, beliefs and attitudes Demonstrates commitment to ongoing professional development Relationship Management: Meets Code of Ethics and professional standards Honest and sincere rapport Trusting and caring association Communication Skills: Attunes with their peers and friends Maintains effective communication Genuinely champions their clients, peers and friends Career Skills: Demonstrates effective listening Demonstrates impactful and effective curiosity for new ideas Moves the clients, peers and friends to action and results Facilitating Progress: Inspires learning and growth Develops goals and action plans Manages accountability and advancement
Tuesday 25 July 2017

Consistently delivering desired outcomes

A process on how to consistently delivery desired outcomes. This process is based on the Critical Alignment Model of the Meta Dynamics Methodology from The Coaching Institute. – Click here for audio only.  
Monday 24 July 2017

Steps for a successful marketing strategies

The core of a successful marketing strategy: Research, research, research: Great ideas and instincts can be good. Research allows the business to validate if your great ideas will fill a “want” or a “need” in the market and will provide with the insights on how to best meet your clients wants and needs and what marketing medium is more effective to reach them. Know your clients better than they know themselves: What they want, what they need, where they like to go, what they like to read, what they like to listen, where they live, where they work, what they look like, … The more you know about their demographics, the better. Be clear on the results you want from the strategy: Increase sales? Market penetration? New clients? More returning client? How are you going to measure the increase? What other KPIs will you use to understand how the strategy is working? How often will you check the progress of the strategy? Define clear goals for each campaign. What is your budget? What your ROI (Return On Investment) will be? How long will it take to reach your ROI? Be consistent and true to your brand: Your brand is the identity of your business and how your clients know you. They have expectations based on your brand, so validate that your strategy is consistent with your brand. Be ready! Be ready to adjust the strategy as market conditions changes and as you get feedback on the strategy performance (remember this is all about what the clients wants). Measure everything, analyse […]