Thursday 08 October 2015

Achieving your success?

It is very easy to talk about what we are going to do to succeed. However, less often we talk about what we are actually doing to achieve success. So, what are you doing today to achieve your success?
Wednesday 07 October 2015

My thought for today: Be the person you want to be! – Be yourself!

Monday 05 October 2015

Tomorrow is a new day

Today I was reminded of an important fact of life: When we do not succeed at something the way we want, we tend to remember all the things we have not done so well in life. We seldom remember all the successes we achieved in life. Thought for this week: Remember the many successes you have achieved in life, no matter how small or big they are. Cheer yourself up and move on with your next achievement.
Monday 05 October 2015

30 Ways to Answer “How are you?”

Sometime ago, I read this post somewhere and save it, today I believe (and do) we should wake up everyday adopting one of the following BEFORE anything else (you define how your day will be regardless of anything else).
Monday 05 October 2015

TEAM means…

As I mentioned in a previous post, we are a social species and as such, we need each other in life. Look at it in this way: T.E.A.M.
Monday 28 September 2015

Where is your life journey leading you to?

Are you happy with the direction this journey is taking you to? One way to improve/adjust/change the direction of your life journey is to have a vision. Your vision is your compass to your destination and keeps you moving in the right direction. The clearer and more detailed your vision is, the easier it is to get to your destination in life. If you like to talk about your life vision, I am happy to give you a no obligation free one hour session to work on your vision. Send me a Facebook private message for more details.