Tuesday 13 October 2015

How to stay motivated

Sometimes in our life, we need a little bit of motivation to keep moving in the right patch. On this regards, here are some ideas on how to stay motivated.
Monday 12 October 2015

Do you know what you want in life?

I have talked about having a life vision, where you want to go, what you want to be and so on. Often people think they have them and in a matter of speaking, they are correct. However, when an individual is asked to write down any of these in detail, they often struggle. For example, the person could say “I want to be rich”, “I want to have a house” and so on. Again, this would be correct. The challenge comes because there is no clarity. Rich? What does being rich mean to you? Having a million dollar in the bank? 10 million? How do you know you have become rich? Rich can mean many different things and unless we put an actual number, rich is a very vague concept, so it is a very vague goal. And we could do the same with the house or the career/job they want to have. We are likely to have similar outcomes. Furthermore, often people does not even have an idea or plan on how to achieve their goals. Again, vague ideas will come, like I will get a good job… What is a good job? Doing what? Where? Being a cook in a fast food restaurant will likely get you the minimum wage, while working as a cook in a five star hotel would be a totally different story. What many people misses is that to be able to reach/achieve a goal, you must have a clear understanding on what that goal is. Once you have this clearly defined goal, you […]
Monday 12 October 2015

Did you fail or did you learn?

Often, a problem is not what we think the problem is, but rather the way we think. For instance, today is Monday, which many people are likely to say “Oh no, it is Monday xxxx” referring to a bad day. Monday is just another day and it can be a great Monday or otherwise. Likewise, some people may indicate something along the lines “Oh no, today is a rainy day xxx”, again indicating that because the weather is bad, it will be a bad day. To start with, I can recall great days with absolutely bad weather. And we can go on and on… I will leave you with this quotation from Thomas Edison that shows his thinking toward circumstances and how he turned outcomes he did not want into something positive to keep going until he succeeded…
Friday 09 October 2015

Something worth thinking about!

During all this week, I have been writing thinks that I hope will make you think and take stock on where you are and where you want to be. I hope it has been useful. As the weekend has started (here in Australia is Friday evening), we need to relax a bit… Right? Have a great weekend!!! 🙂
Friday 09 October 2015

Your thinking and views are the primary drivers on how you feel and see life…

Thursday 08 October 2015

Procrastinating? Self-sabotaging?

Procrastination! Something we often do, especially when we don’t like what we need to do. Then again, procrastination is also triggered when someone is overwhelm with too many uncertain things happening in her/his life. In other words, too much variety. Everyone has six core needs in three pairs, where certainty and un-certainty are one pair. Each individual has his/her own balance of the two and this balance is not necessarily the same for everyone. If an individual has too much uncertainty (or variety), he/she will tend to procrastinate because it will provide him/her with some certainty (even though it will be a bad outcome). On the other hand, if there is too much certainty, then the individual will become bored and will tend to self-sabotage in order to create trouble (uncertainty and variety). So, are you procrastinating? Self-sabotaging? Like some help to work out why? Contact me, via private message, for a one free no obligation life coaching session.