Friday 29 April 2016

The 5 Barriers to Success (3 of 5)

3.- Self doubt: Fear of not being good enough. Turn our obstacles into goals, so something line “I can’t learn something new…” becomes “It is April 2016 and I am learning how to remove the barriers to my success!”
Thursday 28 April 2016

The 5 Barriers to Success (2 of 5)

2.- Procrastination: The classic “I will do it later, because…” When we feel uncomfortable with something (especially when new and untried), we tend to complicate things and over think. When we feel it is too complicated, we find excuses to do it later. It is better to keep it simple. If you think it is “too complex”, break it down into smaller more manageable chunks. If this is still too complex, break it down into small chunks again and again, until it is manageable. Then, take one or two and action them. When done, take the next one and so on until you complete everything. Remember, take one step at the time. You need to walk before you run.
Wednesday 27 April 2016

The 5 Barriers to Success (1 of 5)

1. Poor attitude: When we focus on the wrong stuff, what will go bad, what does not work, the “too hard”, etc., etc. Note that what you focus on is what you get. You focus on the bad stuff, you get the bad stuff. Instead, focus on what you can do, what you can control, what you want to achieve and the solutions. What do you think?
Monday 25 January 2016

Do you hate Mondays?

What is Mondaynitis? Everyone is entitle to have their own opinion/definition on what Mondaynitis means. For me, it means NOTHING. Mondays are simply another day and just because it is the first day of the working week, it is not going to make me think it is a bad day. In fact, I think it is a great day, as I am rested and ready to do whatever I need to do. As the image with this posting: It is all in your head. The moral is this post is simple: You make your own day and you define how well you will live it. That you encounter challenges along the way, so what, you still can deal with them. Besides, it is a lot easier to deal with a challenge when you are in a good mood that when you are not. So, how is today for you? What are you making today to be?
Friday 22 January 2016

What we focus on is what we get to the exclusion of everything else.

What we focus on is what we will find evidence of, to the exclusion of everything else. Often we do not realise how big the above statements are. Think about it. Our reality is only what we perceive and we only perceive what we focus on (see image in this posting). Successful people seems to always find solutions, then again, they are focus on solutions and their realities are full of solutions. On the other hand, some people seems to be always in trouble. This problem comes up, then the other one and they never seem to get a break. They focus on problems, so the keep finding more problems. So, we can always improve our life by focusing on the things we want. On this line, positive thinking will always boost our effort to get what we want, to become what we want. It does sound easier than done. Granted! Then again, it is easy to start and it is just matter of keep working at it until you master it. One step you can do to get you going in the direction of positive thinking is to phrase everything in a positive statement. Some examples: Positive thinking statement: Yes, I can do. It may take some time and hard work, but I will complete it. (notice the commitment, the certainty that it will be done) Positive thinking: Every difficulty is an opportunity Negative thinking statement: It is quite difficult and it involves a lot of hard work. I will try to do it. (notice the lack of commitment, […]
Thursday 21 January 2016

Do you live at cause or at effect?

There is a life coach principle called “Cause and effect”. In short, there are people who “cause” the events the experience in life and then, there are those who live the experiences of someone else’s event (the “effects”). How can you possibly create everything that happens in your world? The truth is we don’t know. May this principle is not true. I ask: Does believing this principle of cause and effect to be true empower you? Does it assist you to produce the results you are looking for? Does it improve the quality of your life? Believe it to be true or otherwise, act as if it is. Pretend! Act as if it is until it is. Regardless of whether your believe this to be true or not, this approach acts as possible filters of your reality and determine what you allow yourself to experience in your life. Keep in mind that what you filter out will not be possible in your world, so it will not be possible in your life. Those who believe they are not at “cause” for where they are in their own life, they are typically those who spend all their time blaming others or some other event for their “bad luck”, for “xxx” not taking place, for them not being able to do “yyy”, etc. In other words, they live the “effect” of someone else’s “cause”. They focus on the problem and therefore, they find more problems. The people who believe they cause things to happen, they create their own world, they create their […]