Saturday 04 March 2017


Life is about continuous growth. Without it we stagnate. For growth, we need to be the dreamer, the realistic and the critic. The dreamer is the one with new ideas, innovation, possibilities. Dream and expand your thinking.
Saturday 04 March 2017


A life well lived consists of moments upon moments, where you experience what it is you value experiencing: Time with family, reading, a hobby, being with friends, a sports activity… You name it!
Tuesday 29 November 2016

Fix mindset vs growth mindset: Which one are you?

We could generalise that from the mindset point of view, there are two type of people: People who believe in a FIX mindset and people who believe in a GROWTH mindset. The FIX mindset people believe that you are born with all your mental faculties, they are set in stone and can’t be change. On the other hand, the GROWTH mindset people believe that you can change your mindset as much as you want, you can develop and improve it and master new subjects and abilities which you were lacking earlier. For this article, I will assume that people are EITHER with a FIX or GROWTH mindset. That said, most people are both to certain degree. In fact, some people may have FIX mindset in some areas, say music, while being a pure GROWTH mindset in science. Neither is wrong, just what we chose to be. There has been a lot of research on this matter and it is amazing how much your mindset can impact what you do in your life in general. When things are going well, both mindset do great things. It is when things don’t go according to plans that the difference between the mindset start coming out. Those with the FIX mindset will struggle to come to term with things not working out and have excuses why it did not work, blame on something else, etc. Then, there are those with a GROWTH mindset, which workout why things did not work out as planned and then act to avoid the same issue happening again. Let’s […]
Thursday 22 September 2016

Improving your thinking style…

There are different types of thinking styles… Do you want to improve and expand yours? Have you ever felt your life filled with pitfalls, roadblocks and detours that keeps your success out of reach? Do you ever feel you don’t know where to go next? Do you want to get clarity on how to reach your success? Your thinking style can help you achieve your goals and success.  Find out more…
Tuesday 13 September 2016

Key to achieving goals: T.R.U.S.T.M.E.

How successful we are at achieving our goals depends highly on how we think and how we approach how we work. T.R.U.S.T.M.E. is a thinking model that helps people achieve goals, while evolving the mindset to a higher level and increasing the individual’s trust in him/herself. There is one particular aspect of this model that I find fascinating: It is a loop and it is ever-evolving. The T.R.U.S.T.M.E. model builds on the following values: Love is an universal value Trust is an individual value. The definition for trust varies for each person based on their filter, life experiences, etc. Reliability creates love So what is T.R.U.S.T.M.E.? (each level build on the previous one): T = Trust: It is all about knowing, understanding, loving, believing in myself. If I can’t believe in myself, who can I believe in? Pendulum between ME and WE. The transition to WE is the moment you transition to the next level. At level 1 trust, the individual feels broken. R = Relatability: Builds on the Trust level. It is about how we relate to/with others. It also is about improving communications with others. The ability to find and define the tribe. (Level 2) U = Uniqueness: We are not the people that we are with. We are much more because we are with them. We are in the tribe because we want to be in the tribe and t because we need to. We found what we are. Starts developing the leadership skills. (Level 3) S = Structure – Sustainability – Systems: It is about the quality of our lives. Process is more […]
Wednesday 31 August 2016


Sometimes I am amaze on the focus that individuals and organisations put into hiring an employee, or getting a new job, based on their expertise and qualifications. These two are definitely two very important areas that must be met. The amazing part is the little focus put on the alignment of the organisation values and the individual values. Some people may argue that this is not needed and then again, I beg to differ. Why is the alignment of values so important? Let’s rewind a little bit. We all know how expensive and time consuming is to start a new job or getting a new employee. In one hand it is the new employee learning how the company works, processes, etc. On the other hand, it is the new person becoming part of the team and the whole team learning to work with a new team member. Back to the values. When the company values (which translate in what it is important for the company and how it operates) and the individual values are not aligned, then the efficiency and quality suffer and as time goes by, the employee will not be satisfied and will start looking for a new job. For example: You had an employee that was hard working, happy with the job, doing technical work and often did a great job when asked to deliver a technical sales pitch to a client. An opportunity arose and you promote him to a senior sales position, which he accepted and sales went through the roof. You further promoted him […]
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