Friday 17 March 2017

Resting for better performance

After a good working week, it is important to take a break. In addition to having fun and resting, taking a break out of the work you love doing, allows you to re-engage with a new perspective and new ideas. If you don’t love your work, maybe you could find out what you love doing and maybe getting a new job.
Friday 10 March 2017

Get out of the rot

Sometimes, we get caught in the daily activities, processes and troubleshooting whatever needs to be resolved. Then again, sometimes the best way to get out of the rot is to clear your mind and start working in a new blank paper. Put what you know aside and start writing new ideas.
Thursday 09 March 2017

Balancing life

Our social environment is constantly pushing each one of us to keep improving our professional expertise, knowledge and experience. Little or no effort is put to improve our personal, self-development, finding more about ourselves, what make is tick, new personal experiences, new ways of thinking, how we can open our mind to new ideas, opportunities and possibilities.   When was the last time you did something to improve yourself, to take yourself to your next level?
Wednesday 08 March 2017

What do you focus in?

There is a thinking principle that says “What you focus on is what you get to the exclusion of everything else.” Some translation to the above are: .- When you focus on problems, you find problem to the exclusion of all solutions .- When you focus on solutions, you find solutions to the exclusion of all problems What do you focus in your job, career, business, life?
Wednesday 08 March 2017

Do it today!

The longer you take to re-pay a bank loan, the more interest you will pay. Likewise, the longer you take to work and resolve an issue/problem, the harder it will be! Don’t leave it for tomorrow. Do it today!
Tuesday 07 March 2017

Finding or Creating Yourself?

Many times, I hear people saying something along the line “I am trying to find myself”. A much better, easier and quicker approach in life would be to ‘create yourself’.
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