Tuesday 18 April 2017


The curiosity to know how you think, allows you to adjust your thinking style and achieve your goals and purpose in life in lesser time, with less effort and often with a higher level of fulfillment.
Monday 17 April 2017

What do you want in your business, career and life?

Have you ever seen a dog chasing rabbits in the paddy fields? From certain point of view, it can be very funny as you see the dog chasing a rabbit and before it catches it, the dog starts chasing another rabbit and so on. At the end of the day, the dog is exhausted and has caught zero rabbit. From other point of view, it is very sad, as lack of a clear target keep the dog changing the target. Having a purpose in life, is the same as having a clear target in life. It keeps us in track to achieve what we want to achieve. When we want sometime, make a clear goal of what and when you want to achieve, AND have a clear purpose of why you want to achieve. Having these two, the purpose and goal, are the best tools you can have to achieve anything you want in business, career and life. What do you want in your business, career and life?
Thursday 13 April 2017

Easter Celebration

This long weekend, starting Thursday for some and Friday for others, will be a very special celebration for many people around the world. May peace and harmony unite us all in this one planet we leave. Happy & Safe Easter to all people.
Thursday 13 April 2017

Business & Technology

Today’s technology helps a lot of business to work more efficiently, lower costs, increase productivity and many other wonderful things. The result is that many business and the people within get very excited about deploying modern technology to improve the bottom line. What business must be clear about technology is that technology by itself will do nothing to help the business in any way, shape or form, bad or great. Technology is simple a device, a tool. Nothing else. Technology can be, and often is, a great business enhancer. This takes place when the technology is acquired with a clear purpose to perform a specific function with a specific time period. I have seen many business getting the latest and best computer, software system, etc. just because it is the best and will save money. After it has been deployed, they try to figure out how they can use it to improve business… Often the end-result is the expenditure of a significant amount of resources to find out it is not what they needed and expected. If the business needs just a calculator, then get a calculator. A PC would be an overkill. Let me put this in a different perspective: At home, we purchase broom and a mop because we need to clean the house. We may “upgrade” to a vacuum cleaner because it will allow us to clean the house quicker and with less work. Maybe the vacuum cleaner will also allow us to do other things that will also help us do other chores quicker and more […]
Thursday 13 April 2017

Are you interested or are you committed?

Earlier this year I heard that question in a webinar (I think it was with John Assaraf) and it can transform life. There is a big difference between interested and committed. Interested, you like the idea, you know it may be good for you and so on, and you are unsure if you want it or not. Committed means you want it and you are going to make it happen. So, what is it that you are committed to?
Wednesday 12 April 2017

The mindset of a successful entreprenuer

One consistent trait successful Entrepreneurs have is the right mindset to make it happen, to learn from what it works and from what it does not work. Where all the barrier and problems are seen more as a new challenge, where setbacks are received as lesson on how to do it better… In short, the right mindset is also called the growth mindset, where the business person, manager, tycoon and individual focus on the bright side of all the events that take place and interpret them in a resourceful way that will allow the business to move forward. Carol Dweck’s mindset graph makes a great illustration on how the growth mindset can help business to improve performance and move forward more efficiently.