Wednesday 03 May 2017

Challenge: Wealth creation

Challenge – Wealth creation: You build wealth and it seems always something comes up, use it and must start from scratch again. Potential solution: Revise your personal values. There could be a conflict among them, like in one hand you want to build wealth, while on the other hand, you grew up in an environment where wealth was deemed to be bad. Other personal value conflicts could also create similar outcomes.
Monday 01 May 2017

Leadership thinking styles

Some businesses require a conservative approach. Others, a more dynamic style and most, require a balanced thinking style. In all cases, the business must know its purpose, what it wants to achieve. Once the business knows what its purpose is, then it would become clear what leadership style will be the best. What is your business purpose? Is it generic and very specific? Can you make it more specific? PS: “Be successful” and “generate lots of revenue” are generic. “Be in the top 5 most popular in the industry in 5 years” and “generate 5 million dollar revenue in 5 years” are specific.
Monday 01 May 2017

Improving your business, career & life

Many businesses hire people like me, business coaches, to improve productivity, revenue, etc. For many people, business coaching is about how to run the business, the processes, the systems and so on. Fewer people understand that in addition to the processes, systems, etc, there is something much more important for the business to improve: How the people in the business think. The more responsibility the person has, the more important their thinking style is. Do you understand how you think? How does your thinking style impacts your career, your business, your life?
Saturday 29 April 2017

Becoming yourself

We can hardly become ourselves before we learn to first self-love. One you start loving yourself, then a new world of opportunity and possibilities opens to you.
Saturday 29 April 2017


We often see movies or TV shows where one of the main characters expend too much time building wealth, becoming the best at work, etc. and at the end, he/she realises that the most important endeavour is family and friends, instead of the other thing. In short, he/she was working with the wrong priorities. Reflect on your life and think about what is the most important things in life and where your priorities are. Are your life priorities where you want them to be? Do you want the make any changes? What would these changes be?
Friday 28 April 2017

Your attitude matters

We can choose to worry about the dangers of the storm or we can choose to relax with the soothing sound of the winds and the waves landing on the beach.
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