Wednesday 10 May 2017

Leaders: Nominated vs Chosen

Many times, I see a team get together to do something and within a short time, people unconsciously start following the lead from a specific person… Sometimes not the nominated leader. This selection takes place due to many factors and often different from other cases. The two most common denominators on how this unconscious selection takes place is based on the individual that shows most certainty and connect with the others the best. The person that shows he/she knows what the activity is all about, knows how proceed to do it and includes all others in the work. This unconscious leader selection will become a reality for those who are able to prove with actions they expertise and teamwork approach. This will take place in the team members mindset regardless of who is the leader/manager nominated by the organisation.
Wednesday 10 May 2017

Leading by Example

Many of us has heard the expression “Lead by example”, which is a great motto to follow and often associated with leadership. “Lead by example” is a lot more than that and it is part of something even larger: Success It is a lot more because is setting the example to yourself will improve your feeling of self-worth, resulting in self-motivation and more importantly, it will inspire yourself to do more and continue the path and vision you set for yourself.
Tuesday 09 May 2017

Overnight success?

Many people tend to think that successful people got lucky and became successful overnight. What is often lost is the fact that this “success overnight” is just the tip of the iceberg (only 10% of all the work). Below the surface (90% of the effort), the overnight success, there are lots of challenges, hard work, persistence despite the challenges, grit, focus to achieve the goal and the drive to make it happen. In the process, there is also a lot of a growth mindset, where challenges are opportunities, failures are learning lessons on how to make it work better, understanding that we will stumble and fall to then get up and try again until we get it… Etc. What are you working on? Problems or solutions? Where is your focus? Problems or solutions? Focusing and working on solutions is a more productive approach…
Tuesday 09 May 2017

A key to entrepreneur’s success

One characteristic that makes an entrepreneur is that they have big, huge dreams and will take nothing else until they achieve them. The dreams provide entrepreneurs with a purpose, a clear focus to their destination true without any distraction. Anyone with a clear purpose will find or build the means to achieve their goals in business and life. What is your purpose in Business? What is your purpose in life?
Monday 08 May 2017

Taking responsibility

Many people today tend to blame the other person when a business relationship, friendship or personal relationship goes wrong. To a degree, that can be true. What we can do to improve ourselves and avoid the wrong outcome is to understand our role in the outcome. This article about Anne Hathaway provides a good example ( Issues in a relationship more about how we perceive the events to be and less on who is right or wrong. Think about pass relationships, the good and otherwise ones… What could you have done to make it a better outcome? Is there something you learned from those experiences? What will you do in the future to ensure a good outcome?
Wednesday 03 May 2017

Big problem or just a small inconvenience

Many times, we talk about how bad is a rainy day or a Monday or whatever. The reality is that we are the ones making the rainy day bad and so on. Consider that without rain, we would not have water to drink, the rivers would not have water flowing and we would not be able to water our crops and eat… In short, consider how sometimes we make a small inconvenience a big problem. On this line, consider this 4-min video on this subject (English with Spanish subtitles):