Monday 15 May 2017

Prosperous businesses

Prosperous businesses are about: Leadership Teamwork Service Meeting client’s requirements and needs Delivering the “WOW” factor to the clients Ability to change and adapt Does your business have all the above?
Monday 15 May 2017


People look up to you for direction? People get inspire by your ideas? People go to you for support? People rely on you for success? If all the above are “Yes”, then you are a leader!
Friday 12 May 2017

Leadership is about…

Many leaders think that leadership is all about how good they are doing this or that, the qualifications they have and so on. The reality is that leadership is about the people they lead, it is about understanding how to inspire them to do what needs to be done, it is about getting along with people.
Thursday 11 May 2017

Key to Business Success

A very important and significant key to business success is where the business focus its efforts. If the focus is toward making money, growing and so on, it may work… If the focus is about what the client wants and needs (in this order) and how to meet them well, the revenue, the growth and everything else are the result. Bonus key is the business ability to change and adapt as the client and customer wants and needs change over time.
Thursday 11 May 2017

How Do You Feel About Your Job?

Today, many people go into business, go into a career or get a job because it will give them “lots of money” and often they get nothing. The irony here is that the money comes from the passion and enjoyment the individual gets when doing their job and taking care of the clients. This shows in a higher level of engagement and connection with the client, which translate in more business and higher demand for the service/job the individual provides. Is your current job something you love to do? Are you passionate about your business/career/job? If not, have you thought of making a change?
Wednesday 10 May 2017

Leaders: Nominated vs Chosen

Many times, I see a team get together to do something and within a short time, people unconsciously start following the lead from a specific person… Sometimes not the nominated leader. This selection takes place due to many factors and often different from other cases. The two most common denominators on how this unconscious selection takes place is based on the individual that shows most certainty and connect with the others the best. The person that shows he/she knows what the activity is all about, knows how proceed to do it and includes all others in the work. This unconscious leader selection will become a reality for those who are able to prove with actions they expertise and teamwork approach. This will take place in the team members mindset regardless of who is the leader/manager nominated by the organisation.
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