Thursday 08 June 2017

Where is your career taking you? Where is life taking you?

A person with a purpose knows what he/she wants and where to go. They are inspired, make things happen and achieve their goals. A person without a purpose just wonders around life and most of the times wondering why they are not as successful as others…
Thursday 08 June 2017

What about your business mission statement?

Many organisations, that have a mission statement, tend to just have it framed and mention it to new employee when they get hire. Besides that, it virtually never gets mentioned again. The organisation vision, values and mission statements are powerful tools to keep its workforce inspired and motivated. They provide a purpose and direction that translate into a more effective and productive business. How often does your organisation mission statement get mentioned?
Thursday 08 June 2017

How people become leaders

Becoming a leader is fairly easy. You only need to: Know who you are and what you want, and have a purpose in life. Be assertive and able to stand for what you believe in. Willing to take risks and learn from what does not work. Take responsibility for what you do. Understand your success is the combined effort of a lot of people around you. Know your knowledge is always very limited and willing to learn and adopt ideas from others. Acknowledge the people around you and give credit where credit is due. Able to listen to others and understand other points of view. Once you do all the above, especially the first one, people around you will look at you and will ask you what to do next. At this point, you are a leader.
Wednesday 07 June 2017

Training vs Culture of Learning

We all know how important is for business and for each one of us to have a culture of continuous professional development. Many businesses encourage it and it also helps them to retain valuable employees. What businesses and people could do to improve the effectiveness of continues professional development is by taking it to the next level: A culture of continuous learning. Continuous learning is about professional development plus: Learning from the mistakes done and improve the system to avoid repeating the mistakes. While we can’t avoid making mistake, we can learn from them. Embracing change and innovation to adapt to the ever-changing market conditions instead of avoiding the change and being scare of the associated risks. Improving how we communicate with each other. Each employee will communicate and behave in a unique way. This is more about how to best use all these differences instead of “standardising” them. If we all behave the same, the innovation would disappear. Learning to learn that taking risk is rewarded, while harassment is rejected and disapproved. And much more. In short, a Culture of Learning is about a growth mindset, where opportunities and possibilities are welcome instead of being afraid of.
Tuesday 06 June 2017

Children’s resilience

Have you ever tried to convince a child to stop doing something they want to do? They will keep nagging and bugging you until you give up. I wonder, how much further we could achieve in life if we were to keep that level of resilience as an adult? Let us all go back to that childhood thinking for innovation combined with the childhood level of resilience… Let’s us each one of us wonder how much further we can go, how much more we can achieve…
Tuesday 06 June 2017

Where did I our childhood thinking went?

We can probably remember how many ideas we would come up when we were children. It was like an endless flow of innovating ideas and we did not see problems. We only saw obstacles for which we would come with a new idea to work around and resolve it. We always found a way… Then, we grep up. I wonder how much more productive and happier we would be if we just let loose our imagination, like when we were children, when we were happy to fail, learn and make it work. Bring back that mentality in which always came up with solutions for any barrier that we encounter in our life, when we just saw the fun side of life… I would like to challenge all to bring that children thinking back to our life, at least for a day, and find out how much more you can achieve.
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