Better Management for more productive employees

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Tuesday 11 April 2017
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Tuesday 11 April 2017
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Better Management for more productive employees

Many manager often complain about employees not being able to make decisions and think strategically. In some cases, they are correct and in others… We’ll, it is a little bit more complicated.

For an employee to consistently and efficiently can make good decisions there are multiple factors that many business must consider for this to take place:

  1. Let’s start with the obvious one: the employee must have the proper education and qualifications to make the level of decision he/she is expected to make.
  2. Business must provide access to the right type business information needed for the decisions. In other words, if the business want the employee to make strategic decisions, then the employee must have explicit access to long term plans and strategies adopted by the business. Ideally, the employee would also be involved when these long-term plans and strategies are being adopted.
  3. Business must adopt a business culture appropriate for employee to resourcefully speak their minds up. Business that micro-manage employees and/or treat employees like children, they will behave like children and their actions will be just what they are told. Nothing more (micro-management). When I employee is given freedom to excel, to be the best, they will thrive and have a higher level of satisfaction in what they do. Furthermore, they will take pride of their work. If the business culture provides an environment of an open and growth mindset, people will be engaged in something they all believe in and the employees will go the extra mile without the manager having to hover over them.
  4. Business must have high standards, which are to be followed by all (from the CEO to the bottom). These standards must demand people to work hard, while at the same time acknowledge the employees with their winnings and successes. High standards and hard work is for all people working in the businesses and the business must understand that a good business-employee relationship is a two-way street.

The above approach will provide the employees with the knowledge and tools required to make the right decisions. It would also make the employees fill they are part of the business and therefore will pay closer attention to the quality of their decisions and work.

At the end, it is a win-win outcome to the business and the employees.

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