Before you go into your own business…

Learning vs feedback vs criticism
Friday 07 April 2017
Better Management for more productive employees
Tuesday 11 April 2017
Many of us want to have our business so we can do what we want and what we like, without a boss telling us what to do. All good so far.

Before we go and start building our own business, remember that the business is a lot more than what we want and like doing. A successful business owner must:

1. Be the Leader: Looks into the future and define where the business will be in the future and the path to get there.
2. Be the Manager: Organises all things, creates the processes and systems needed to keep the business going.
3. Be the Expert: Does all the work that needs to be done, the actual work that will take the business to the future defined by the leader, while complying with the systems and processes needed to make the business sustainable.

People unwilling to do the above three roles maybe need to consider keeping their normal job…